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Harwin Drive
Jun 14

Bijan Persian Grill

Bijan Persian Grill Harwin Drive

Bijan Persian Grill dishes out the type of meal that makes a person feel pampered. Before any food orders come to the table, Bijan kicks the meal off with hot Barbari (Iranian Flat Bread) and small plates of mint, raw onions, radish, lime and farmer’s cheese. The decor and ambiance along with the food presentation make the restaurant a very homely experience.

The cubed sugar that comes with Bijan’s tea is worth ordering a pot alone! Once sufficiently warmed up, Bijan’s hummus is top notch. This appetizer is made with just the right level of smooth and creamy consistency and packs a nice lemony zest. Carnivores will be delighted as Bijan’s menu is very meaty and they have an illustrated, number coded menu to prove it.

Bijan Persian Grill Harwin Drive

Menu items are plentiful, but each dish definitely has its own personality. Those not fond of spice will relish here, as there is no real spice threat. True to the region, however, bottles of Asian hot sauce are within reach for those who can’t cope without.

The meats are always tender and seasoned beautifully. The kabobs on the Bijan Special (number 100 on the menu) for example, crumble perfectly with each bite. The rice and sides of each dish varies. Ingredients like cranberry, almond and pistachio keep the palate guessing, much like the Harwin Drive area itself!

Bijan Persian Grill Harwin Drive

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