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Harwin Drive
Jun 14

Bombay Sweets

Bombay Sweets Harwin Drive

Although, Bombay Sweets’s main counter delivers a plethora of desserts, the understated buffet to the left of the restaurant is something not to be missed as well. At 6.99–the buffet is a steal! The naan isn’t at the main serving line, but keep an ear out for the incoming, “Naan!” shout that comes from the counter. Once the naan is in possession, the South Indian indulgence is on!

For those unfamiliar with this brand of South Indian food, the spread is vegetarian and very flavorfully seasoned. Standouts on the buffet line are Khadi Pakoras and the Saag Paneer. Both of these dishes have the type of homely warmth that will lull you into a comfortable dream state by the end of your meal.


Additionally, Bombay Sweets, serves a mean cup of chai. When not craving a hot drink, the cooler has a variety of beverages including, Thums Up–a brand of cola from India. It tastes like Coke, but the logo on the bottle is worth popping open one of those bad boys. If not overexerted by the excitement of the buffet, dessert is an omnipresent wonderland of vivid color. The only difficult thing is picking which dessert to try first!

Bombay Sweets Harwin Drive

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