Harwin Drive

Ann Trading

6740 Harwin Drive Suite D. Houston, TX 77036 | 713-784-8580

A true diamond in the rough, we were gobsmacked to discover that Ann Trading has such a beautiful and broad selection of handbags. They carry jewelry and other beautiful accessories too, but the handbags had us at hello. They’ve got everything from well-made designer-esque satchels, sling bags and clutches priced at $20-$30, to real leather purses that cost a little more but are worth every penny.

The store is on the right just as you turn onto Harwin Drive from Hillcroft Avenue. (Bonus: On weekends, there’s a delicious taco truck parked out front!)

Price range: $3.99 – $175

  • • Bracelets
  • • Rings
  • • Earrings
  • • Necklaces
  • • Watches
  • • Hats
  • • Purses
  • • Briefcases
  • • Luggage

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