Harwin Drive

Just In

5711 Hillcroft St. Houston TX 77036 | 713-789-2322

A huge two-story store on the corner of Hillcroft and Harwin Drive, Just In is a go-to for trendy clothes and accessories at ultra affordable prices.

It’s likened to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, but even less expensive! It’s great for basics – like tank tops at under $3 and skinny jeans for $15 – and clubwear. Plunging necklines, chiffon mini-dresses, sparkly stilettos and studded jeans, oh my!

They’re usually pretty busy, especially on weekends. But staff are aplenty and very helpful. And hey, the pieces won’t last forever, but neither will the trends!

Price range: $1.99 – $35

  • • Sandals
  • • Heels
  • • Sneakers
  • • Bras
  • • Panties
  • • Belts
  • • Hats
  • • Purses
  • • Blouses
  • • Dresses
  • • Skirts
  • • Pants
  • • Jeans





Just In    Just In

Just In    Just In

Just In    Just In

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Just In   Just In

Just In   Just In

Just In   Just In

Just In   Just In

Just In   Just In

Just In   Just In

9 responses to “Just In”

  1. April Fontenot

    Do you also sale men jeans and if so do you guys sale levis?

    1. Tasha

      Sorry April, they just sell women’s clothes.

  2. gina

    Do u sell girls combat boots in black

    1. Tasha

      Yes, they do!

  3. Mrs. Lowe

    Do you carry the red bottom pumps?

  4. Kerveyon High

    Do you guys have all the colors of jelly’s . Sandles like

    1. Nicole

      What kind of colors are you looking for?

  5. Michael Lewis

    What type of women jeans do you sell?

  6. chelle

    do you carry burn-out shirts?

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