Harwin Drive

Perfumes Plus

7798 Harwin Dr suite 106, Houston, TX 77036 | (713) 532 - 7373

Great news! Now you can skip the crowds and price gauging at Sephora. For the best deals on perfume and colognes, look no further than Perfumes Plus.

A treasure trove of fragrances, the store houses everything from classics like Escape by Calvin Klein to new releases like Burberry Body, as well as plethora of exclusive and hard-to-find fragrances like Creed, Clive Christian, Bond No.9, Agent Provocateur and ONDE.

They even offer gift sets for the perfume enthusiast and mini bottles for the cautious shopper. Sephora who?

  • • Creed
  • • Clive Christian
  • • Bond No.9
  • • Cartier
  • • Agent Provocateur
  • • Giorgio Armani
  • • Coco Chanel
  • • Christian Dior
  • • Ramon Molvizar




Perfumes Plus   Perfumes Plus

Perfumes Plus   Perfumes Plus

Perfumes Plus   Perfumes Plus

Perfumes Plus   Perfumes Plus

Perfumes Plus Perfumes Plus

15 responses to “Perfumes Plus”

  1. scott

    Do you carry Creed? if so let me know

    1. Tasha

      Hi Scott – Yes, they do!

  2. simona ovalle

    I would like to get a price list of some of your perfume.
    What is the price of a 3.4 bottle of Viva la Juicy?

    1. Tasha

      Hi Simona, the 3.4 bottle is $59.99.

  3. J Hawking

    I need prices on Viva La Juicy please.

    1. Tasha

      The 3.4 bottle is $59.99.

  4. Juan Lerma

    Do you carry “Flower Bomb” perfume??

  5. Yadira

    I would like to know if you all sell any of Jenni Rivera’s perfume in-store if so what are the prices

  6. Sylvia

    Do you carry Dolce Gabbana perfumes? What price range.

  7. p

    dior farenheit price please

    1. Nicole

      Hi P, sorry for the delay! We’ll speak to the owners ASAP and let you know if that scent is still in stock!

    2. Nicole

      Hi P,

      Perfume Plus has one Dior Fahrenheit in stock! It’s $74.95 and you can find them at 7798 HARWIN DR SUITE 106, HOUSTON, TX 77036 | (713) 532 – 7373

  8. Kiwanis Brown

    Hello i was wondering can you send me a catolog thanks.

  9. Marcelo Ferreira

    Hi there,

    I would like to know if they carry Fendi and Tommy Bahama perfumes.
    I would like a price list for those brands, Prada and DG.



  10. yemi

    What is the difference between cologne and perfume.
    -I need the price for 212 by Carolina herrera and only the brave tattoo by diesel and armani codeq

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